Continuous Evolution for a New Season 

Continuous Evolution for a New Season  As spring comes into its own and we shake off the last dark dregs of winter, I’ve been thinking a lot about continuous evolution.  On a deeper level than what we commonly think of as ‘personal growth,’ continuous evolution is a transformative journey. This process of self-discovery helps us serve a higher purpose and live our most authentic lives.  Continuous Evolution and Transformational Coaching  Guided by the principles of transformational coaching, evolution-seekers search within, enabling them to tap into their full potential and make meaningful contributions to the ...

By |April 29, 2024|

Embodying Transformation And Authentic Leadership 

Embodying Transformation and Authentic Leadership  In a LinkedIn world, we are bombarded with messages about doing more, being better, and garnering awards and certificates – all forms of external validation. But for those of us who are already doing what we need to be doing – or are stretched too thin to do any more than what we are doing now, what is the counter-narrative?  Where is the message that you are enough, just as you are?  Allow me to introduce you to the concept of embodying transformation.  Embodying Transformation  There is certainly a ...

By |April 22, 2024|

The Shift: Moving From Dependence to Interdependence

The Shift: Moving From Dependence to Interdependence We use the word ‘journey’ a lot around here because it applies to so many things. Life itself, from childhood through adulthood and on to, if we’re lucky, old age, is nothing if not a journey. So is the decision to transform an aspect of your life, like your career, your relationship with others, or even your relationship with yourself.  The journey I want to talk about today is a profound and transformational one in which we navigate through the various stages of dependence and independence and ...

By |April 15, 2024|
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