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Learn and G.R.O.W. with our Informative Blog Archives

Archives for April 2024

Apr29, 2024

Continuous Evolution for a New Season 

April 29, 2024|

Continuous Evolution for a New Season  As spring comes into its own and we shake off the last dark dregs of winter, I’ve been thinking a lot about continuous evolution.  On a deeper level than what we commonly think of as ‘personal growth,’ continuous evolution is a transformative journey. This process of self-discovery helps us serve a higher purpose and live our most authentic lives.  Continuous Evolution and Transformational Coaching  Guided by the principles of transformational coaching, evolution-seekers search within, enabling them to tap into their full potential and make meaningful contributions to the world.  ...

Apr22, 2024

Embodying Transformation And Authentic Leadership 

April 22, 2024|

Embodying Transformation and Authentic Leadership  In a LinkedIn world, we are bombarded with messages about doing more, being better, and garnering awards and certificates – all forms of external validation. But for those of us who are already doing what we need to be doing – or are stretched too thin to do any more than what we are doing now, what is the counter-narrative?  Where is the message that you are enough, just as you are?  Allow me to introduce you to the concept of embodying transformation.  Embodying Transformation  There is certainly a place ...

Apr15, 2024

The Shift: Moving From Dependence to Interdependence

April 15, 2024|

The Shift: Moving From Dependence to Interdependence We use the word ‘journey’ a lot around here because it applies to so many things. Life itself, from childhood through adulthood and on to, if we’re lucky, old age, is nothing if not a journey. So is the decision to transform an aspect of your life, like your career, your relationship with others, or even your relationship with yourself.  The journey I want to talk about today is a profound and transformational one in which we navigate through the various stages of dependence and independence and ultimately ...

Apr8, 2024

An Expert Lens on Transformation

April 8, 2024|

An Expert Lens on Transformation As we move through our lives, it is often the challenges, transitions, and milestone moments that shape how we see ourselves. And how we view the world. That’s why understanding the stages of adult development is so important. We can transform those challenges into opportunities when we learn how to navigate trauma healing and foster personal growth.  And that is not work you need to undertake alone. A transformational coach can guide you, and many experts have already illuminated the path forward. Today, I offer you words of wisdom from ...

Apr1, 2024

Heal the Past, Shape the Future Through Transformational Coaching

April 1, 2024|

Heal the Past, Shape the Future Through Transformational Coaching During our formative years, we go through a process of becoming. Who we become at that time isn’t necessarily who we are forever. But the lens through which we see the world is shaped. It’s how we perceive events, our surroundings, and others. It's also how we translate our lived experiences.  How much of that lens colors your identity today?  Have you ever wanted to go deeper into the depths of your identity and unravel the layers of ‘you’ that formed in your younger years? If ...

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