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Learn and G.R.O.W. with our Informative Blog Archives

Learn and G.R.O.W. with our Informative Blog Archives

Archives for March 2022

Mar28, 2022

The Power of Relationship Capital

March 28, 2022|

The Power of Relationship Capital Cultivate Genuine Connections Do you ever wish you had a cadre of people you could rely on to support your goals, celebrate your successes, to stand up for you? You can, and you should. Those people – your true connections – amplify your personal power. As a personal coach, some questions come up over and over again. What are my biggest regrets? Do I have advice for someone just getting started? What is the most important lesson I learned in my career?  My answer is always the same: connect. “Build the ...

Mar21, 2022

Stay Connected: A 5-Minute Guide to Boost Your Social Wellness

March 21, 2022|

Stay Connected: A 5-Minute Guide to Boost Your Social Wellness Social Wellness Matters Mental health, physical health – google either one. You’ll find billions of articles and websites with helpful information and advice. But there’s another critical factor in your overall well-being: social wellness. Our connections and interactions with others play a starring role in healthy and happy lives. The global health services company Cigna completed a survey on social wellness, which revealed that 47% of Americans reported they felt lonely, left out, and lacked meaningful connections. Feelings of isolation can have real impacts on longevity. ...

Mar14, 2022

3 Simple Steps to Finding a Career That Brings You Happiness

March 14, 2022|

3 Simple Steps to Find a Career That Brings You Happiness Your Dream Career Are you still trying to figure out what you want to do when you “grow up”? Do you already know exactly what position you want, but you’re just not sure how to get there? We spend such a large portion of our time at work so it’s only natural for career concerns to be top of mind. Even when you know just what you want to do with your life, it can seem daunting to make the transition. But getting from where ...

Mar7, 2022

Level Up and G.R.O.W.

March 7, 2022|

Level Up and G.R.O.W. Hi, I’m Lisa L. Baker, Founder of Ascentim. I show high-performing professionals how to Level Up – get connected, get promoted, get wealth – and Live the Life of Their Dreams. That’s what I call Power! Ascentim made its official debut last month. Announcing during #BlackHistoryMonth was purposeful – #blackentreprenuers and #blackentrepreneurship matters! You can read more about the launch on Yahoo Finance.  Allow me to officially welcome to you my blog - Here, you G.R.O.W.!  What does it mean to G.R.O.W. here? You will ascend to powerful new heights when you: - ...

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