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Apr1, 2024

Heal the Past, Shape the Future Through Transformational Coaching

April 1, 2024|

Heal the Past, Shape the Future Through Transformational Coaching During our formative years, we go through a process of becoming. Who we become at that time isn’t necessarily who we are forever. But the lens through which we see the world is shaped. It’s how we perceive events, our surroundings, and others. It's also how we translate our lived experiences.  How much of that lens colors your identity today?  Have you ever wanted to go deeper into the depths of your identity and unravel the layers of ‘you’ that formed in your younger years? If ...

Mar25, 2024

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders

March 25, 2024|

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders Spoiler alert: the future is female!  While I absolutely love celebrating Women’s History Month, I am equally excited when I envision a future where women leaders are just as common – if not more so – than men. Women are not just contributors to change or cogs in the wheels of success. No, we are the driving force behind it.  Because the future of leadership is undoubtedly female, we have some work to do today to pave the way for them. That starts with preparation and empowerment so today’s young women can ...

Mar18, 2024

Sisterhood in The Workplace

March 18, 2024|

Sisterhood In The Workplace Women are by no means a monolith, yet there are fundamental experiences we share. While many of us have found success in the workplace, several barriers have historically hindered our progress. Discrepancies in the opportunities and salaries afforded to female employees in the corporate world continue to this day.  That is precisely why the importance of women supporting women cannot be overstated. A strong network and a trusted community are critical in the workplace and in other aspects of our lives. Remember that alleged village it takes to raise a child? ...

Mar11, 2024

Who Is Breaking the Glass Ceiling?

March 11, 2024|

Who Is Breaking the Glass Ceiling? Who is breaking the glass ceiling? We all know it’s true: the corporate world has long been dominated by male leaders. (Something I’m working hard to change, by the way!) Even so, we have seen a gradual shift in the past few decades with workplaces becoming more diverse and inclusive. Heck, the Vice President of the United States of America is a woman of color.  It’s not possible to get a breakdown of gender, culture, and color for every company across the country, but we can look at certain ...

Mar4, 2024

The Many Challenges Faced by Women in Leadership

March 4, 2024|

The Many Challenges Faced by Women in Leadership There are many challenges faced by women in leadership. Despite its strides toward diversity and inclusion, Corporate America remains a challenging labyrinth to navigate for women. Women in general. Women of color in particular. And women who aspire to leadership roles, the C-suite, and the boardroom.  There’s no doubt that we have made significant progress over the past few decades. But gender disparities are stubborn, impacting both earnings and opportunities for the women who show up every day and give 100%.  This is especially true of minority ...

Feb26, 2024

Carrying On

February 26, 2024|

Carrying On Even while Black History Month celebrates how far we have come, it also serves as a reminder that the work is not done. Progress is not promised, and the legacy is only carried forward if we step up to do our part and carry it forward. We cannot forget the before-times and the stories of triumph if the legacy of progress is to endure. It is easy to get lulled into a sense of security - to believe things that have been a certain way for as long as we can remember will ...

Feb19, 2024

Unity Is Power

February 19, 2024|

Unity Is Power We are more powerful when we stand together.  That is a fact. For every singular event and shining achievement, you can bet it took more than one individual to pull it off. Partnerships and collaboration have contributed to every transformative moment in history. It takes a team to leap beyond our singular abilities and requires a collective effort to start a transformative movement.  March on Washington  Since it just so happens to be Black History Month, let’s talk about one of the most crucial collective efforts in our history: the 1963 March ...

Feb12, 2024

The Flame of Resilience

February 12, 2024|

The Flame of Resilience During Black History Month, we naturally reflect on the remarkable achievements of black individuals throughout history – those who inspire us and those who paved the way for us. Yet we have our own stories, history, and our own legends to celebrate – right there in the branches of our family tree.  It’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the stories within your family, the hardships and the triumphs that enabled you to be here – exactly where you are – today. Our heritage is a part of us. It’s written into ...

Feb5, 2024

What It Means to Make Black History

February 5, 2024|

What It Means to Make Black History It's Black History Month! History is like a quilt, and each of us has our square in it – our own place, our own colors and patterns. Together, they make a beautiful, vibrant, and diverse piece of ever-evolving artwork. Black History Month is the perfect time to unfold the metaphorical quilt, appreciate it, and note our unique place in it.  At this time of year, I always reflect on my place in history and my journey from humble beginnings to an abundant life I am so blessed to ...

Jan29, 2024

The Skills You Need to Level Up to Leadership

January 29, 2024|

The Skills You Need to Level Up to Leadership Balancing it all in life. As we move higher in an organization and take on bigger leadership roles we have to let go of being the “doer”, learn to delegate. Build other skills: influence, collaboration, strategic planning, thought leadership, etc. It’s a tale as old as time. A high-performer like yourself, someone who’s really great at whatever it is you do, gets noticed. A leadership role opens up and, because you’re so good at doing your thing, you get promoted. Hurray! You have a fancy new ...

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