Why Your Leadership Legacy Matters

Our journey through the Leadership Blog Series has taken us from exploring the importance of Bold Leadership to understanding the significance of Authentic Leadership and honing Essential Leadership Skills. We’ve been on a path of defining leadership excellence. To conclude the series, we consider the concept of leadership legacy and why it holds such profound significance.

Beyond the Role

Legacy leadership extends far beyond your time in a particular role. It’s not limited to achievements during your tenure, but rather, it’s the enduring impact you leave. Your influence can positively affect your organization, industry, and the people you have the privilege to. Moreover, your legacy encompasses the entirety of your leadership journey — a testament to the impact you’ve made, the values you’ve upheld, and the culture you’ve nurtured. But why does it matter?

Your leadership legacy matters for several compelling reasons:

  • Inspiration for Others: A strong leadership legacy is a source of inspiration for current and future leaders. When others witness your positive influence, it’s motivation to strive for excellence in their leadership journeys.
  • Cultural Influence: As a leader, the values and behaviors you champion become ingrained in the workplace, creating a lasting imprint on how things get done. You, thereby, significantly contribute to your organization’s culture. 
  • Organizational Resilience: A well-established leadership legacy bolsters your team’s strength. During change or transitions, your leadership provides a sense of purpose and direction that endures, even if you’re no longer there.

Therefore, it’s crucial to build your leadership brand intentionally. It is the first step to leaving an impactful legacy.

Building Your Leadership Brand

Crafting a leadership brand is a pivotal aspect of shaping your leadership legacy. Your brand is your unique identity as a leader, reflecting your values, style, and expertise. 

Here are five strategies to help you build a strong leadership brand.

  1. Define Your Style and Values How do you describe your leadership style? And what are the values that guide your decisions? The answers to these questions form the foundation of your leadership brand. Once established, you reaffirm your brand through your expertise and consistent action. 
  2. Showcase Your Expertise Position yourself as an expert in your field by continually expanding your knowledge and sharing your expertise through various channels. Thought leadership articles, speaking engagements, and webinars are all effective options to display your brand.
  3. Lead by Example – Your actions speak louder than words. It’s paramount to consistently demonstrate the values and behaviors you want to be known for. Every effort to ‘walk the talk’ reinforces the authenticity of your leadership brand.
  4. Create Other Leaders – Great leaders excel in developing other leaders. Moreover, they prioritize mentoring, coaching, and sponsoring emerging leaders. Consider making it your mission to encourage someone else’s growth, provide guidance, and empower them to take ownership of their development.
  5. Champion Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Diversity is a cornerstone of modern leadership. Approaching leadership and team-building efforts with inclusivity in mind contributes to a more equitable and vibrant organization. Therefore, leaders who create diverse teams are well-positioned to thrive in today’s global marketplace.
Conclusion: The Impact of Your Leadership Legacy

Bold, authentic, impactful leadership is a dynamic, ever-evolving journey. 

Remember that your legacy as a leader is not solely defined by what you accomplish but by the lasting influence you leave on people and organizations. 

  • How will your leadership brand shape the future and inspire those who follow? 

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Lisa L. Baker - Certified Personal, Career, Success and Life Coach

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