Love: Sabrina Tabler
The Fusion of Love and Business

Women’s History Month continues, and I love the conversation I get to share today because it is, in fact, about LOVE. Women are powerful because they are loving. They make history because they love so deeply. But do love and business really go together?

At Ascentim, I always say that love is our driving force. It is the thing that guides us, and it serves me well in that I always approach my clients in a loving and supportive way. Yet, love is not a term that we typically associate with business.

That’s why I wanted to sit down with my friend Sabrina Tabler.

Meet Sabrina Tabler

And Love

Sabrina is the founder of Grayce Consulting, a brand and marketing firm so deeply infused with love that it’s embedded in her Instagram handle (@withloveandgrayce) and her email signature.

Even Sabrina admits that it made her feel vulnerable at first to be so forthcoming, putting the word front and center in her own branding and messaging. However, since she launched her business, she has had no regrets. Because it is completely authentic and that authenticity radiates out, it has been received well and even reciprocated. Moreover, Sabrina finds that she attracts open-minded clients because love is a fundamental human need that people are drawn to. They might not have realized how much they need it in their business and in their interactions, but they soon learn that when you operate from a place of love, the blessings come back tenfold.

Love is the very cornerstone of Grayce Consulting. So, for Sabrina, that means every decision is rooted in love. Every interaction with a client, vendor, employee, or partner is loving.

“When you operate with love as the number one thing, everything else will fall into place,” Sabrina shares. “Because it really is one of our biggest human needs.”

Love + Grace

Sabrina, like me, is a woman of faith, and God is a part of the love she shares with the world. Her relationship with God is also part of the reason her company name, Grayce, was chosen. She gives grace freely. And she acknowledges her own need to accept love and grace when she makes mistakes. It’s inevitable because we are all human, and none of us are perfect.

To me, Sabrina really embodies many of our core values at Ascentim. She describes the courage it took to put herself out there. And the need to be authentically herself, with love, faith, and grace. I encourage all my clients to operate from their unique gifts, talents, strengths, and purpose, just like Sabrina does. When you do, you can connect with other people doing the same. And when you put it all together, you can create something powerful and impactful.

For Sabrina, two essential elements set her business apart. And she says without them, “things will start to break down.” Therefore, they are not negotiable.

Listen as Sabrina describes the two “non-negotiables” for Grayce.


Sabrina gives love and grace credit for bringing every client she has to her business. Through referrals and her messaging that puts leading with love out there for anyone to see, she’s attracted the right customers. Her BrandU process explores a client’s core values, how they want their customers to feel, why they do what they do and how they want to impact the world, what makes them different, and how they stand out. By getting right to the ‘heart’ of the matter, she partners with businesses to work together, build together, and shine a light on their unique qualities.

Sabrina’s Advice

Sabrina has some fantastic advice for other women entrepreneurs who want to infuse love as a strategy into their business. Not surprisingly, it has to do with listening to your heart. Number one, for women especially, is spending time with yourself and not letting busyness distract you from checking in with yourself.  Ask these questions:

  • Does this align?
  • Does this feel good?
  • Does this fit?

And if it doesn’t, she says, that’s a really easy decision. There’s always a heart prompt that says ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and it’s your internal GPS. If you listen to it, trust it, and follow it, you’ll always head in the right direction. 

I will be the first to admit that Sabrina and her team at Grayce Consulting do all the heavy lifting that makes Ascentim look good on social media. Having personally experienced the power of her love-based work, I encourage anyone with a business who needs a brand refresh or a new marketing strategy to reach out to Sabrina. She’ll help you shine brighter – with her signature love and grace!

Connect with Sabrina

Click here to watch my full interview with Sabrina.

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